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me when I got money: ha! broke ass bitch how the dollar menu taste? I wouldn’t know because it’s Big Macs only around here hoe!!!!

me when I’m broke: capitalism is inhumane and must be put to an end.

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Resident Evil Protagonists - Billy Coen

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Mikasa Ackerman: One Woman Army

Mikasa can take on all those titans without all y’all.

Obviously another parody of this wartime propaganda poster.

I’ve always wanted to do one.

A tribute to Episode 7 of the “attack on titan” anime when everyone was losing their shit and Mikasa’s just like STOP IT. You don’t even need to do anything, I’ll take care of it you babies.

Will probably be available as a poster for Fanime 2014 and Anime Expo!

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Resident Evil ø  Rebecca Chambers in CG;

Precious princess ;w; Consider this an appreciation post of this gorgeous lady.
(Zero’s CG cutscenes are so dark and full of despair :o The ending is light and bright, but it’s still full of despair. If you know what I mean.)

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"Look around you… This is EXACTLY what happened with the Triforce!"

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Book 1 Premiere (2012/04/14) & Book 3 Finale (2014/08/22)

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Rebecca vs. Crows

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